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Using the Light

Light control:Press the “Power Button” to turn on the lantern,press the button again to switch between soft light, bright light,flashing light, and turn off.Flashlight mode:Keep the product unexpanded,and the productcan be used as a flashlight.Lantern mode:Pull from the top and bottom to expand theproduct, and it can be used as a lantern.

Recharging the Product

The optional to Recharging:There are 2 options to recharge thisproduct: Through the Micro USB charging port or the solar panel.Recharging Indicator:The indicator light will turn on while theproduct is recharging, and will turn from red to green when theproduct is fully recharged.Recharging Time:Micro USB recharging time is approximately 2hours, and solar panel recharging time is approximately 18 hours.

Discharge Function

This product can become an emergency power supply through the“USB Out” port, to charge other products which adopted 5V 0.5AInput, such as mobile phones.


Safety Instructions

1. Do not look directly at the flashlight as this may cause damage to your eyes.

2. Do not modify or make changes to the product as this may damage the product.

3. Do not submerge the flashlight in water.

4. Do not disassemble the product. Take it to a qualified service person when service or repair is required. Incorrect reassembly maydamage the product.

5. Do not place the product close to or in a fire.

6. Do not place this product near children, as this product contains small parts and may pose choking or other threats to children.

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